" With all the stress you have, it’s hard finding a moment where you can combine refreshment of your senses. It’s easy to forget what it feels like, and you hope the therapist you pick will give you what you need with the skill they promise. Here with SeboM, you can have fun and do something good for yourself at the same time. You will have a friendly therapeutic touch who gives intuitive, caring attention to where it hurts and makes you feel better. Book us for the best massage experiences of your life. "


GIL Based in Metro Cebu

 Relaxing and Sensual

About GIL
Age:25 | Height:5'8

If you are looking for a sexy male masseur  to get an unforgettable sensual male massage then you have found him.

You will receive a mix of deep tissue and swedish massage, mostly focused on your muscles to release the stress. I do not do" rub and tug" but a real massage.

BRUCE Currently in Metro Cebu

A Man With Strong Hands and Big Hot Smile


age: 29 | height: 5’10
Based in Bacolod City

Travel Dates
Metro Cebu - May 3, 2017 to June 3, 2017

 -” hello! my knowledge in bodybuilding give me more experience and added expertise through health care. Giving a best massage to my clients is most priority.
my hard body and strong arms gives it more deep pressure.

i would love to spend a quality time with you soon.

GLENN Based in Davao City

Massage that Chills and Relax

age: 24 | height: 5’10 

Warm & Friendly, Provide Top Quality. Very Outgoing, Feel Great , have a Great time.

It is my complete PLEASURE to treat you with the respect you deserve and to make sure that I provide you with an utterly relaxing and memorable experience.
So if you are ready to Relax let me know.

FLOYD Based in Davao City

Endowed With The Gift Of Healing Touch
age: 23 | height: 5’7 | weight: 150lbs

” hi – We’ll talk about what your looking for and what your body needs.

Then using, a wide range of pressure and techniques, you’ll leave feeling RELAXED, ENERGIZED, and completely SATISFIED.

Call when you’re ready for a truly professional and amazing experience.

LESTER Based in Davao City

Pamper you the right way.

Age: 28 | Height: 5'7

I am a very masculine, athletic,and strong man, full of energy and
I have the personality to make you feel relaxed.
My sessions are skilled and focused.
I work with the body as a whole.

KEN Based in Davao City

Soothing Service Only

About KEN
age: 21| height: 5'8 

For me, massage is about holding on and letting go. A muscle's job is to contract; my job is to help relax the muscles and increase blood-flow to all the major muscle groups. The breath is the best tool a client has for helping them to both be present and aid in the increased circulation.

ENZO Based in Davao City

A Wonderful Hands For You.

About ENZO
age:22 | height: 5’7

” Thnx for time spend in my profile, i’m truly proud of my expertise in this field. I learn lots of different kinds of techniques and can managed well with clients all looking for fun and relaxation.

if your looking for someone who can spend wonderful time, it would be me. See yah around.