With all the stress you have, it’s hard finding a moment where you can combine refreshment of your senses. It’s easy to forget what it feels like, and you hope the therapist you pick will give you what you need with the skill they promise. Here with SeboM, you can have fun and do something good for yourself at the same time. You will have a friendly therapeutic touch who gives intuitive, caring attention to where it hurts and makes you feel better.

Book us for the best massage experiences of your life.

BRENT Based in Metro Cebu


age:23 | height: 5’11

Travelling: Davao City Sept. 16 to Oct. 15, 2014

Hi im a trained massage therapist with a loving, healing touch.
I LOVE my work, indeed.

I consider energy work and healing bodywork my gifts to share with the world.

LUIS Based in Bacolod City

Let yourself be taken you into a JOURNEY

About LUIS
Age 24 | Height 5'6

I am a sensitive and experienced massage therapist. It is because of this that I sought to become a Masseur, so I could share this experience with others.

I see the m4m experience like a journey in which both of us embark into a space of letting go of inhibitions where we finally reach a point where sensual energy becomes a means of healing and mutual enjoyment. 

GABRIEL Based in Cagayan De Oro City

Both Healing and Indulgent

About Gabriel,
Age 23 | Height: 5'5

Both therapeutic and relaxing, my work will transport you into another dimension...

My fully integrated sessions are a blending of exceptional technique with super intense infusion of sensual, relaxing, indulgent massage.

During your time with me you will experience a truly unique and out of the box experience  and knead your body and stimulate your senses.

Privacy is honored and assured.

ERIC Based in Metro Cebu

Massage that is hot and playful.

About ERIC
age:21 | height: 5’6

” Good day! life is more challenging when you do two things school and earning to pay for it. well,i able to manage though times really hard.

BRUCE Based in Bacolod City

A Man With Strong Hands and Big Hot Smile

age: 29 | height: 5’10 | weight: 160lbs

Travelling to CEBU September 10 - October 3, 2014

” hello! my knowledge in bodybuilding give me more experience and added expertise through health care. Giving a best massage to my clients is most priority.